Satta Matka
Satta Matka Lucky Number Chart
Number = [ 0 ] Open To Close ***2-3-5-9***
Number = [ 1 ] Open To Close ***4-5-7-9***
Number = [ 2 ] Open To Close ***0-2-6-8***
Number = [ 3 ] Open To Close ***0-1-8-9***
Number = [ 4 ] Open To Close ***1-3-6-7***
Number = [ 5 ] Open To Close ***2-4-6-7***
Number = [ 6 ] Open To Close ***0-3-6-8***
Number = [ 7 ] Open To Close ***1-2-4-7***
Number = [ 8 ] Open To Close ***2-5-6-8***
Number = [ 9 ] Open To Close ***1-4-7-8***
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