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Get Count Chart Panel Count Chart The sum of all the three points obtained is called the count
Like 1 + 2 + 3 = 6 And if the sum is greater than 9 in 2 digits Like 4 + 5 + 6 = 15 then 15 will also be added together. 1 + 5 = 6, then getting this 6 is called a count. Note - Count is a different equation from total
118-127-136-145-190 226-235-244-280-334 370-460-550-100-777 199-289-379-388-469 478-559-568-577-667
299-389-479-488-569 578-668-677-119-128 137-146-155-227-236 245-290-335-344-380 470-560-110-200-444
399-489-579-588-669 678-129-138-147-156 228-237-246-255-336 345-390-480-570-660 120-300-111
499-589-679-688-778 139-148-157-166-229 238-247-256-337-346 355-445-490-580-670 112-130-220-400-888
599-689-779-788-149 158-167-239-248-257 266-338-347-356-446 455-590-680-770-113 122-140-230-500-555
699-789-159-168-177 249-258-267-339-348 357-366-447-456-690 780-114-123-150-240 330-600-222
799-889-169-178-259 268-277-349-358-367 448-457-466-556-790 880-115-124-133-160 223-250-340-700-999
899-179-188-269-278 359-368-377-449-458 467-557-566-890-116 125-134-170-224-233 260-350-440-800-666
189-279-288-369-378 459-468-477-558-567 990-117-126-135-144 180-225-234-270-360 450-900-333
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